13 April 2023
Analysis of Central Java Province Regional Regulation Number 1 of 2023 concerning the Protection and Empowerment of Fisheries and Salt Farming Businesses

Following the meeting with stakeholder representatives, particularly the Central Java Province Marine and Fisheries Agency, in its capacity as a think tank and policy advocacy group, IOJI supports efforts to strengthen the protection and empowerment of small-scale fishermen, laboring fishermen, and female fishermen. On January 18, 2023, the[…]

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24 October 2022
(Opinion) Protecting Our Fishing Grounds

By Margaretha Quina dan Rayhan Dudayev Published on The Jakarta Post on Monday, October 24, 2022 ___ Fishermen in small-scale operations contribute about 90 percent of the national marine harvest. They provide nearly 10 percent of the total protein source for Indonesia’s 275 million population. These figures highlight[…]

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