17 April 2023
IOJI Provides Input on the Draft Government Regulation on Mangroves

Mangroves are a part of the blue carbon ecosystem. Their sustainability must be maintained and restored sustainably. As a follow-up to the seminar and launch of IOJI study “Strengthening Blue Carbon Ecosystem Governance in Indonesia” in January 2023, IOJI has provided input on the Draft Government Regulation on[…]

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18 November 2022
Refleksi COP27 Mesir: Peran Jangka Panjang Karbon Biru

At the COP-27 roundtable discussion in Egypt, oceanographers discussed the long-term role of the ocean to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations through mangrove forest vegetation, salt marshes and seagrass beds – known as blue carbon. ___ Absorbing almost a quarter of all anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the[…]

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