5 July 2023
Building Indonesia’s Maritime Security System to Safeguard Long-Term Development Targets 2025 – 2045

Jakarta, July 5th, 2023 – National stability necessitates a robust security system, including at sea. Economic, political, and technological dynamics have a significant impact on maritime security. The current maritime security challenges are no longer confined to traditional issues, but also extend to non-traditional challenges, including those posed[...]

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28 February 2023
155 Vietnamese fishing vessels operate in the zone of overlapping Indonesian and Vietnamese EEZ claims in the North Natuna Sea

  Based on AIS, as many as 155 Vietnamese fishing vessels were observed operating within the overlapping EEZ claims of Indonesia and Vietnam in the North Natuna Sea in February 2023. IOJI predicts intrusion by Vietnamese vessels in the same area will increase in the coming months. A[…]

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25 February 2023
Valuable Lessons Behind the Asphalt Spill Incident in Nias Waters, What Are They?

The asphalt spill incident in the waters of North Nias provides an important lesson about the negative impact of the flag of convenience. The convenience included in the flag of convenience loosens control over ships which, in turn, complicates matters when they commit violations in a country’s territorial[…]

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30 January 2023
In the North Natuna Sea, KIA Vietnam Moves Closer to the Outer Islands

Towards the end of 2022 in the North Natuna Sea, a number of Vietnamese fishing boats were seen moving further south. As they approached Natuna, their presence was successfully recorded by Natuna fishermen to a distance of about 20 nautical miles from Laut Island, Indonesia’s outermost island in[…]

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25 January 2023
(Opinion)How free is the freedom of navigation, right to sail?

Author: Andreas Aditya Salim, The Jakarta Post, 25 January 2023   The year 2022 concluded with a great achievement in the law of the sea, namely an agreement on an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) boundary between Indonesia and Vietnam. Unfortunately, while the international communities are celebrating it, the[…]

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31 October 2022
Maritime Security Threats and Illegal Fishing of Foreign Ships

Selama Juli-Septe During July-September 2022, IOJI detected several alleged violations involving foreign vessels in the North Natuna Sea. One of them is flagged by Vietnam and the other two are from China. ___ Satellite imagery andAutomatic Identification System (AIS)* during July-September 2022 showed the presence of dozens of[…]

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11 June 2022
Government Regulation Number 22 of 2022: A New Chapter for the Protection of Migrant Seafaring Workers

  It is hoped that the regulation of a single authority for issuance of permits will be the final solution for solving the problem of PMI PP placement. That way, PMI PP can also enter a new phase accompanied by more guaranteed rights. The government ratified Government Regulation[…]

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