16 February 2023

Guided by Digdaya, IOJI Staff Try to Map Organizational Dreams

On February 13-14, all IOJI staff attended an organizational development session. Facilitated by Digdaya Citra Selaras (Digdaya), these developments include internalizing organizational values, competency mapping, and capacity building and staff leadership.

The two-day session was part of IOJI’s one-year project which included a holistic process and staff engagement to ultimately achieve IOJI’s dream of becoming an international think tank.

The session in mid-February was mentored by three facilitators from Digdaya. They are Sarilani Wirawan, Galuh Sekar Arum and Sigap Pambingkas. The first day’s session was attended by 16 participants, and 14 participants on the second day, Digdaya noted.

During the two days of training, participants explored four stages of discussion. Each is the search for the organization’s key values (Discovery), builds the biggest aspirations of the organization (Dream),  looks for ways to build the biggest aspirations of the organization (Design) and builds an action plan to make it happen (Destiny).

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